International Theoretical Physics Olympiad for Undergraduate Students 2019

The ITPO is a competition designed by PhD students and Postdocs for undergraduate students interested in research in theoretical physics. In a zeroth-order approximation, the purpose of this Olympiad is to play with non-trivial questions and to learn through competition. To a first-order approximation, the goal is to find people interested in theoretical science and to help students gain experience with modern research skills.

Our only requirement is that participants be undergraduates. We hope to attract students who are interested in physics, from universities all around the world. Students may have different backgrounds, so we encourage collaboration between undergraduates of all years of study. The Olympiad will consist of 6 or 7 problems on different topics of modern theoretical physics, of varying difficulty. Problems from prior years should be good practice (see links above), but there is no straightforward way to prepare for this competition.

Being able to work fluidly with sources is an extremely important part of research, so we permit the use of external references throughout the Olympiad, provided that they are cited appropriately. We encourage participants to use any materials published before the beginning of the contest. However, discussing problems with anyone outside of your team is strictly prohibited and will (at minimum) be grounds for cancelation of scores.

Our 2019 competition will take place for 24 hours between January 25th and 26th, starting at 10:00am EST. Participants will need to form teams of at most 5 people and register online. All team members must be undergraduate students at the time of the contest. Registration is currently closed. Teams will upload solutions to their individual webpages. Winners will be recognized appropriately after the competition.

Contact us regarding the ITPO at: